The Parish Church of St Hilda, Abbess of Hartlepool

Stainer’s Crucifixion

Good Friday. Rehearsal 17.00 followed by bring-and-share tea (drinks provided) and the performance at 19.00

Rehearsals in preparation: Sundays 7th and 14th April, 16.00

Choir notes

Score (we have plenty of these, but if you want to be independent...

The rehearsal files below are all in .zip format and so need to be downloaded and the mp3 files extracted for use.

Rehearsal recordings - soprano

Rehearsal recordings - alto

Rehearsal recordings - tenor

Rehearsal recordings - bass

Please note: in No 3 (Fling wide the gates) there is a cut in the recording from p12 middle of middle line (poco accel) to p14 end of the top line (His cross is the sign...). We will be singing this section in our performance. It’s very similar to other parts of No 3 so shouldn’t present too many problems.

Thank you for volunteering to take part!

Any questions - Ian Pounder (music(at)hartlepool-sthilda(dot)org(dot)uk

Many thanks to Chris Simmons for agreeing to conduct.