The Parish Church of St Hilda, Abbess of Hartlepool

In 2014 we celebrated a 'Year of Hilda' as this year marked the 1400th anniversary of her birth.


Throughout the year we held a number of special events and services to help us think more about St Hilda, her gifts and legacy, especially as she was Abbess of Hartlepool before moving on to Whitby.


We have produced a number of prayer leaflets during the year, each helping us to think about a different aspect of St Hilda's life, character or ministry, which you can download from this website to use in your own prayers and reflections.


Year of Hilda 1 page 1     Year of Hilda 1 page 2     Year of Hilda 2 page 1     Year of Hilda 2 page 2

Year of Hilda 3 page 1     Year of Hilda 3 page 2     Year of Hilda 4 page 1     Year of Hilda 4 page 4



If you would like any more information you can contact us by email at or you can find us on Twitter by following @StHildaHpool