The Parish Church of St Hilda, Abbess of Hartlepool

The church (a Grade 1 listed building) stands in a commanding position by the sea. As well as being a vibrant and living church, an impressive architectural structure, and a place of great importance in the development of the Christian faith in the region and Christian heritage in general in the north east,  St Hilda’s has a Visitor Centre, charting the history of the Church and the Headland with modern displays (some interactive) and welcomers on hand to guide you round and tell you more.

2014: A Year of Hilda, celebrating the 1400th anniversary of her birth

Click here for more details of what we did, and for prayer leaflets, each helping us to think about a different aspect of St Hilda's life, character or ministry.

St Hilda's is the parish church of the Headland, a unique part of Hartlepool which is physically quite separate from the rest of the town. St Hilda came here around 648 AD to take charge of the double monastery of monks and nuns, and later moved to Whitby as the first Abbess there. The church seeks to proclaim the gospel through worship, pastoral support and organisations including Sunday Monkeys, Sunday Youth, Girls' and Boys' Brigades and Ladies' Fellowship and is an active member of Churches Together on the Headland.

Animated virtual tour based on a laser scan

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